January 26, 2023
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Lonicera or commonly known as Honeysuckle is either evergreen or deciduous shrub or vine. Hummingbirds love these fragrant flowers and other birds love the berries. They are easy to cultivate. Lonicera belongs to the Caprifoliaceae family of plants. It is native to North America and Eurasia. Most of the Lonicera varieties are hardy climbers but there also shrubs. Though there are some that are not hardy such as Lonicera hildebrandiana.

Honeysuckle leaves are opposite and oval. Most of the flowers are fragrant and bilaterally symmetrical flowers. The scent of the flowers is stronger in warmer spots. The fruits or berries contain several seeds inside and usually red, bluish, or black. Lonicera japonica has become invasive in the United States, other invasive species also include Lonicera maackii, Lonicera morrowii, and Lonicera tatarica.

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Lonicera heckrotti, HoneySuckle

There are various kinds such as Lonicera ciliosa, Lonicera fragantissima, Lonicera heckrotii, Lonicera japonica, Lonicera sempervirens, Lonicera tatarica. Lonicera frarantissima is very fragrant and Lonicera heckrottii or the gold flame has a beautiful pink color on the outside and yellow inside as pictured on this page.

How to grow Honeysuckle:

Grow Honeysuckle in full sun or partial shade. Plant it in humus-rich, moist, and fertile soil that is well-drained. Lonicera is a fast-growing plant and flowers between April and August. Honeysuckle can be grown in the ground as well as in containers. Lonicera attracts bees and butterflies.

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