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Veronica teucrium ‘Royal Blue’

A perennial with a true blue, Veronica teucrium’Royal Blue’ blooms in late spring, early summer and does well in moist soil with good drainage. Veronica teucrium’Royal Blue’ tolerates some shade. Cut back the flowers after flowering and you can divide them every three years. Veronica teucrium’Royal Blue’ attracts butterflies and blooms in short spikes of blue-violet rich color. Veronica teucrium’Royal Blue’ self-seeds.

Veronica teucrium Royal Blue Kew Garden
Veronica teucrium’Royal Blue’

Veronica teucrium’Royal Blue’ is also known as Veronica austriaca subsp. teucrium‘Royal Blue, aw-leaved speedwell, Austrian speedwell, or Hungarian speedwell. It is part of the Plantaginaceae family of plants. It is native to Europe and Eastern Asia. It is disease-free and pest-free. Watch out for scale, powdery mildew, downy mildew, rust.

Veronica teucrium
Veronica teucrium’Royal Blue’
Veronica teucrium Royal Blue
Veronica teucrium Royal Blue at Kew Gardens in London

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