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Citrus sinensis

Citrus sinensis also is known as Cara Cara Pink Navel Orange Tree. It was discovered in Venezuela. It is part of the Rutaceae family of plants.

It produces a good size orange with a pink hue. The pink hue is due to Lycopene. That is an antioxidant. Citrus sinensis is a cross between Bahia Navel Orange and Washington Navel Oranges.

Cara Cara Pink Navel Orange Blossom
Citrus sinensis

The Citrus sinensis flowers are very fragrant. The petals of the Citrus sinensis flower is used to make Orange Blossom Water. This is used in cooking in Europe and the Middle East. In Spain, they use dried flowers to make tea. Leaves are also used for tea. They place beehives around these plant groves to make Orange blossom Honey.

How to grow Citrus Sinensis

Grow Citrus sinensis in the full sun. In hot climates water it regularly. It grows to 15′ – 20′ tall. It blooms in early spring. Cara Cara Pink Navel Orange Tree has glossy dark green foliage. It can be grown in a pot or outside in milder climates.

Citrus sinensis Tree
Citrus sinensis Blossom, Cara Cara Pink Navel Orange Tree

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