February 8, 2023
White and Purple Pansy

Pansy, Garden Pansy, Melanium or Viola, are also known as Viola x wittrockiana. Pansy is a cultivated violet from the genus Viola.

It is part of the Violaceae family of plants. The parents are Melanium and Viola. Viola tricolor and Viola Jackanapes are also related and are a hardy variety of the same flower. They are perennials but usually are planted as annuals or biennials. Plant them early to establish for spring. In some climates, you can plant them as early as September.


Pansy has four petals pointing upwards, with only one pointing down, but violets or Viola have two petals pointing up and three petals pointing down. The flowers are about 5 to 8cm or 2 to 3in wide.

Grow Pansy in the sun or partial shade. Plant it in well-drained moist soil. Generally, Pansies bear flowers and seeds in their second year and then die down. But most hybrids do flower the first year. The flowers are both fragrant as well as edible. They are relatively disease-free. But watch out for aphids and leaf spot.

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White and Purple Pansy

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