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Amaranthus caudatus

Amaranthus caudatus or also known as Pendant Amaranth or Love-lies-Bleeding, Velvet Flower, Foxtail Amaranth, Quilete, Cat Tail, Chenile Plant, Floramor, Thrumwort, Tumbleweed, Inca Wheat, Lady’s Riding Whip, Careless, Teasel Flower, or Tassel Flower is from the Amaranthaceae family of plants. They plant Amaranthus caudatus both as an annual or biennial plant. Amaranthus caudatus is native to Peru.

It is a deciduous plant and loves the sun. It is an erect, bushy plant. It has large ovate leaves. They are bright green. The flowers grow on tassel-like racemes. The actual flowers are tiny. The flowers have a high content of betacyanins.

Love-Lies-Bleeding, Amaranthus caudatus
Love Lies Bleeding at Kew Gardens

How to grow Amaranthus caudatus:

Grow Amaranthus caudatus in the sun. Plant it in well-drained humus-rich moist soil. You can cut it back after flowering. Amaranthus caudatus plant is edible including the seeds. They use it in foods in India and South America. It can grow to 8′ or 2.4m high. Propagate from seed. It is very easy to grow them from seeds.

Amaranthus caudatus
Foxtail Amaranthus
Amaranthaceae, Amaranthus caudatus
Amaranthus caudatus

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