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Cistus albidus

Cistus albidus is also known as White-leaved Rock Rose and if you look at the leaves you will see why! The flower is similar to other Cistus purpureus. It is part of the Cistaceae family of plants. It is from the Mediterranean basin.

Cistus albidus is an evergreen shrub. It has 5-petalled flowers. They range in colors from white, pink, or purple. They bloom from March to July. Each flower only lasts one day, but there are enough flowers to add a lot of colors all summer. The petals are very thin and look like slightly wrinkled paper and they have a bright yellow center.

Cistus Albidus, White-leaved Rock Rose
Cistus Albidus, White-leaved Rock Rose

How to grow Cistus albidus:

Grow Cistus albidus in full sun. Plant it in well-drained soil. It tolerates poor or fertile soil. It also tolerates lime. Plant them in borders, slopes, or rock gardens. But don’t prune them hard. They are easy to grow and usually disease-free.

They are called White-leaved Rock Rose, but the leaves are more grayish. They are actually green with slight white coverage. It almost looks like white powder or dust sitting on green leaves, yet the effect really looks like gray leaves.

They can grow up to 1.5m or 5 ft. but most plants I have seen are about 2 to 3 feet high maximum. Propagate Cistus albidus from seed or cuttings. You can do both root cuttings as well as softwood cuttings. They are drought tolerant.

Cistus Albidus
Cistus albidus

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