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Cestrum elegans

Cestrum elegans or Red Centrum or also known as Bastard Jasmine has origins going back to Mexico. Cestrum elegans belongs to the Solanaceae family. It is an evergreen. It has green alternate leaves and red tubular clusters of flowers that also develop into berries. It is adapted to warmer tropical climates. But in this case, I actually observed it in one of my walks in London planted outdoors.

Cestrum Elegans

It is hardy to temperatures down to -7c. You can grow it in pots or in this case in the ground. It grows to about 7ft or 2m. This plant attracts birds and bees and especially hummingbirds.

How to grow Cestrum elegans:

Cestrum elegans flowers in spring and summer into autumn. Plant it in full sun or partial shade. It grows on normal well-draining soil and it does tolerate dryness in the soil. It grows fast and it is a climbing shrub.

Cestrum Elegans

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