Mandevilla x amoena ‘Alice du Pont’

Mandevilla is a vine native to Southwestern United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America, most probably its origin can be found in the forests in Brazil. It was named after a British diplomat who was also a plant collector named Henry Mandeville. Mandevilla belongs to the Apocynaceae family of plants.

Mandevilla x amoena ‘Alice du Pont’ is a frost-tender evergreen plant that can grow up to 7m or 22ft. It is also known as Dipladenia or Rocktrumpet. It is a large woody climber. Mandevilla x amoena ‘Alice du Pont’ flowers are rather impressive and eye-catching. They are trumpet-shaped, pink and almost 4″ or 10cm across. Mandevilla leaves are oval and glossy. This plant will need support to climb.

Mandevilla from my roof garden in Los Angeles

Mandevilla x amoena ‘Alice du Pont’ flowers from spring to Autumn. Plant Mandevilla in full or partial sun in a fertile, moist and well-drained soil, keep it away from the very strong sun at least part of the day. Outdoors in temperate climates and in the cold keep it in a container so you can move it indoors when the cold climate begins anything below 50°F or 10°C. If you are in a dry climate then water regularly. Prune to shape Mandevilla x amoena ‘Alice du Pont’ and make it bushier, they can tolerate heavy pruning if necessary. Do not fertilize in the winter. Watch out for mealybugs.

Propagate Mandevilla x amoena ‘Alice du Pont’ from seeds in spring or softwood cuttings in summer.

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