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Ochna mossambicensis

Ochna mossambicensis is a tropical semi-evergreen shrub or small tree that belongs to the Ochnaceae family of plants. Ochna mossambicensis is also known as the African Birds Eye Bush, Carnival Bush or African Mickey Mouse Plant (the name refers to the look of the berries). It is native to tropical East Africa.

Ochna mossambicensis
Ochna mossambicensis

Ochna mossambicensis flowers in panicles in short lateral shoots. The flower is yellow. The flowers don’t last very long but soon turn into interesting berries surrounded by the flower petals that turn red at this point. It attracts bees and butterflies. The seeds are poisonous. It is tropical so it can be grown in areas where the temperature does not drop below 27°F or -2°C. It can grow up from 3 to 8ft or 90cm to 2.8m.

Ochna mossambicensis
Ochna mossambicensis seeds at Kew Garden

How to grow Ochna mossambicensis:

Plant Ochna mossambicensis in any type of soil but enriched by organic material and well-drained. Grow it in the sun or partial shade. It does not need much care. It is drought tolerant but not prolonged dryness. Prune them just to keep its shape. Propagate from seeds.

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