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Geranium sylvaticum

Geranium sylvaticum is part of the Geraniaceae family of plants. It is also called Wood Cranesbill, Wood Geranium, Bassinet, Woodland Geranium, or King’s Hood. It is a herbaceous perennial native to the woodlands of Europe.

It has toothed and divided leaves. It grows from 50cm to 1m or 20in. to 36in. It flowers in the summer. Flowers are bright violet colors. They have white centers. The violet shade of the flower could vary to more purplish depending on the type of soil. The flowers are cup-shaped.

Geranium sylvaticum
Geranium sylvaticum in a border at St. James’s Park in London

How to grow Geranium sylvaticum:

They are easy to grow. Plant Geranium sylvaticum in moist and moderately fertile soil. Grow it in the sun or partial shade. It looks wonderful in borders and rock gardens.

Propagate Geranium sylvaticum by basal cuttings in spring or by division. Prune back the flowered stems to encourage new growth. Watch out for vine weevil, sawflies, capsid bugs, downy mildew, or powdery mildews.

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