Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’

Camellia saluenensis 'Dogrose'

Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’: Embracing the Beauty of Pink Blooms

Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ is a captivating variety of Camellia that belongs to the Theaceae family of plants. This medium to large evergreen shrub enchants with its stunning pink flowers and glossy foliage. Native to China, specifically the mountains between the Salween and Shweli rivers, Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ brings a touch of elegance to gardens and landscapes.


Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ boasts beautiful pink flowers that grace the landscape during the spring season. These exquisite blooms, produced at the end of the previous year’s growth, feature five delicate petals and striking yellow erect stamens. The elliptic leaves of Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ are deep green in color and exhibit a glossy texture on both sides. With minute serrate edges, the leaves add to the plant’s overall visual appeal. The fruit of Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ contains approximately three seeds with flat sides, further contributing to its botanical interest.

How to grow Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’:

To successfully grow Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ and revel in its beauty, consider the following guidelines:

Sunlight and Soil:

Plant Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ in a location that receives either full sun or partial shade. While it can tolerate some direct sunlight, providing shelter from harsh winds is beneficial. This plant prefers acidic soils that are rich in humus. Ensure the soil is well-drained, as Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ requires consistent moisture but cannot tolerate waterlogged conditions. Regularly monitor soil moisture levels to prevent drought stress.

Watering and Support:

Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ has a high water requirement, especially during periods of active growth. Adequate irrigation is essential to maintain its health and vigor. Newly planted specimens may require additional support until they become established or develop a bushy form. Proper watering and support contribute to the overall growth and stability of the plant.

Growth Rate and Container Gardening:

Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ is known for its fast growth rate, typically reaching approximately 30 cm (1 ft) per year under favorable conditions. This makes it an excellent choice for those seeking quicker results in their garden. Additionally, Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ can be successfully grown in containers, allowing for versatility in placement and easy mobility.

By following these cultivation guidelines, you can successfully grow and appreciate the beauty of Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’. Whether it’s in a garden bed or a container, this stunning variety of Camellia will bring a touch of elegance and grace to your outdoor space.

Camellia saluenensis 'Dogrose'
Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ at Kew Garden
Camellia saluenensis 'Dogrose'
Pink flowers of Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’

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