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Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’

Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ is a variety of Camellia and is part of the Theaceae family of plants. It is a medium to a large evergreen shrub. It grows to about 3m or 10ft. Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ is native to China, from the mountains between Salweena and Shweli rivers.

It has beautiful pink flowers that bloom in spring. They are produced at the end of growth from the previous year. The Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ flower has five petals and yellow erect stamens. The leaves which are elliptic are deep green in color. They have minute serrate edges and glossy on both sides. Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ fruit has about three seeds with flat sides.

Camellia saluenensis 'Dogrose'
Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’

Grow Camellia saluenensis in the sun or partial shade and sheltered from the wind. Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ prefers acid soils and rich in humus. It requires a large amount of water, yet it needs well-drained soil. Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ will not tolerate droughts. It is best to support it until it is established or bushy. It is a fast-growing plant. Camellias usually grow about 30cm or 1ft per year. Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ and can be grown in containers as well.

Camellia saluenensis 'Dogrose'
Camellia saluenensis ‘Dogrose’ at Kew Garden

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