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Rhododendron williamsianum ‘Bow Bells’

Rhododendron williamsianum ‘Bow Bells’ is also known as Williams Rhododendron. It is part of the Ericaceae family of plants. Rhododendron williamsianum is native to Southwest China. In China, it is called 圆叶杜鹃 pinyin: yuányè dùjuān.

Rhododendron williamsianum ‘Bow Bells’ is an evergreen shrub. It grows to about 1m or 3ft tall. The foliage is are reddish-bronze when new. Later it turns dark green. It has deep pink blooms that open in light pink. It usually flowers in spring.

Rhododendron williamsianumRhododendron williamsianum
Rhododendron williamsianum ‘Bow Bells’

Grow Rhododendron williamsianum ‘Bow Bells’ in partial shade and sheltered location. Plant it in acid, humus-rich moist soil that is also well-drained.

Propagate Rhododendron williamsianum ‘Bow Bells’ by seed, semi-ripe cuttings, grafting, or layering. Watch out for vine weevil, leafhopper, pieris lace bug, caterpillars, aphids, powdery mildew, petal blight, silver leaf, or honey fungus.

Rhododendron williamsianum
Rhododendron williamsianum ‘Bow Bells’

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