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Spartium junceum

Spartium junceum is also known as Spanish Broom, Rush Broom, or Weaver’s Broom. It is known in Bolivia and Peru as Retama. It is part of the Fabaceae family of plants. It is a medium-sized shrub. It has erect shoots that resemble brooms. The shoots are thick and somewhat succulent. These shoots have sparse leaves, in general leaves are not important to this plant, most of the photosynthesis is performed through the shoots.

Spartium junceum is native to the Mediterranean, Southwest Asia, and Northwest Africa. It grows to about 4m or 13ft.

Spartium junceum
Spartium junceum

It is an evergreen plant that does well in poor, well-drained soil and needs full sun as it does not do well in partial shade. However, it is drought-resistant and deer-resistant. This plant flowers profusely. The flowers are yellow and pea-like and appear in late summer. After flowering the seed pods mature to black, they are usually about 10cm or 4in. This plant has become invasive in California and Oregon.

Propagate by seed. It is mostly disease-free and pest-free. This plant is used for essential oils, coloring dye as well as the fibers for cloth making.

Regent's Park, London
Spartium junceum at Regent’s Park, London

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