Allium ursinum

Allium ursinum is also known as Wild Garlic, Wood Garlic, Broad-leaved Garlic, Bear Leak, Bear’s Garlic, Ramsons, or Buckrams. It is part of the Amaryllidaceae family of plants so it is related to Amaryllis. It is a herbaceous, bulbous perennial native to Europe and Russia. It usually grows in deciduous forests. Allium Ursinum is a Monocot plant, these are plants that their seeds have a single cotyledon (one seed leaf) and they usually have parallel-veined leaves, there are over 60,000 monocot plants including grass, orchids, palms, and lilies.

Allium Ursinum
Allium Ursinum

This garlic-scented plant forms colonies and has paired elliptic foliage. Allium Ursinum flowers are white, star-shaped, and appear in umbels on erect stems during late spring. Allium Ursinum is easy to grow. Plant it in moist and fertile soil that is well-drained in the sun. Propagate by seed or division. Allium Ursinum is pest-free but watch out for onion white rat and downy mildew.

Allium Ursinum is used in cooking, the leaves in salads or boiled as vegetable or soups. The stems are consumed in Russia. The bulbs and the flowers are used in cheese in Turkey. Fed to cows it makes the milk taste of garlic which was common in 19th century Switzerland.

Allium Ursinum
Allium Ursinum

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