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Aronia melanocarpa

Aronia melanocarpa is also known as Black Chokeberry, Arena arbutifolia var. nigra, Aronia nigra, Photinia melanocarpa, Pyrus arbutifolia var. nigra, Pyrus melanocarpa, or Sorbus melanocarpa. It is part of the Rosaceae family of plants. It is native to eastern North America. It is a branching deciduous shrub. Melano means black and carpa means fruit. This refers to the dark fruit Aronia melanocarpa bears.

Aronia melanocarpa
Aronia melanocarpa

The elliptic foliage is dark green. It is finely toothed and glossy. It starts lighter and as the seasons pass it gets darker. Then in autumn, it turns red and orange.

Aronia melanocarpa flowers in spring. It flowers profusely. The flowers are whitish-pink. They are fragrant. After flowering, it produces clusters of dark berries. Berries are of interest for birds during autumn and winter. The berries are also used for making jams and jellies.

Aronia melanocarpa
Aronia melanocarpa at Kew Garden, London, UK

Aronia melanocarpa can grow up to 6ft or 2m tall. It is easy to grow. Grow it in the sun or partial shade. It grows well in any average soil that is moist but well-drained. It tolerates wet soil as well as dry. It also tolerates salt and pollution. For best fruit production plant it in the sun. It is generally disease-free and pest-free. Watch out for leaf spot. Aronia melanocarpa is deer-resistant.

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