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Dactylorhiza praetermissa

Dactylorhiza praetermissa is also known as the Southern Marsh Orchid, or Leopard Marsh Orchid. It is part of the Orchidaceae family of plants.

Dactylorhiza praetermissa is native to northern and central Europe. In its natural habitat, it grows near water. It is a tuberous perennial. It prefers alkaline soil.

Dactylorhiza praetermissa
Dactylorhiza praetermissa at Kew Garden’s rock garden, London, UK

It can grow 50cm or 20in tall. Dactylorhiza praetermissa flower in spring and summer. It usually flowers around May through July.

The flowers are varying shades of pink or purple. The upper sepal forms a hood over the tri-lobed lip. The lip usually has spots on it. Deadhead the flowers.

The leaves are unmarked. They vary in width depending on the location, the higher the narrower. They are fleshy and lance-shaped. The leaves are medium-green. Dactylorhiza praetermissa is a hardy marsh orchid.

Dactylorhiza praetermissa
Dactylorhiza praetermissa

How to grow Dactylorhiza praetermissa:

Grow Dactylorhiza praetermissa in humus-rich, that is well-drained. IT prefers chalky soil. When growing it in full sun, keep the soil moist. Avoid waterlogged soil.

Acquire grown orchids from nearby nurseries. It is hard to propagate Dactylorhiza praetermissa from seed. The seeds require a symbiotic fungal partner to germinate. Plant Dactylorhiza praetermissa in borders with moist soil or near water features in your landscape.

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