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Lilium lancifolium – Tiger Lily

Lilium lancifolium or Tiger Lily is also known as Lilium tigrinum a member of the Liliaceae family of plants grows up to 79″ tall. It blooms in summer and fall with bright orange flowers that are spotted on erect and tall stems that might need some kind of support due to its height and weight. It is a bulbous perennial.

Lilium lancifolium produces bulblets which are also called bulbils along the stem and are used to propagate this Lily. Flowers wither but are replaced by new ones. Lilium lancifolium is good for borders and containers. The pollen is said to be poisonous, however, the root and the flower seem to be edible. This plant is native to Asia.

Lilium Tigrinum or Lancifolium
Tiger Lily or Lilium lancifolium
Lilium Tigrinum - Tiger Lily
Lilium tigrinum

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