Hydrangea makes a wonderful color splash during summer and autumn. They like moist soils and partial shade. Some of the common varieties of Hydrangea Macrophylla are rather popular.

The blue variety thrives in acid soils. Hydrangea m. Mariessii with large flat heads turns colors depending on the acidity of the soil. On slightly chalky or alkaline soils can turn more pink and red. Most varieties change color except white. By adding alum (aluminum sulfate) in early spring you can help them change color to blue. Most of the Hydrangea varieties grow between 3 to 5 ft. in height.

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I first came to know these beautiful flowers in England, they are very popular and you see them in almost every English garden. In certain countries and climates, they are kept in greenhouses and flowers that decorate the house.

In fact, many times people buy them as cut flowers they definitely add a lot of cheer to any room and just a few branches of Hydrangea can make a beautiful arrangement. It is also used in larger flower arrangements as an accent piece. The large balls of flowers come in various shades of pink, purple, and blue and white. They also have beautiful green leaves oval-shaped which accentuates the flowers and creates a beautiful shrub even when there no flowers.

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  1. I was rather skeptical about buying a plant online; I’d never done it before. I’m glad I took the chance! This hydrangea has really taken off, and is already bigger than one I had purchased at Home Depot two years ago.

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