May 29, 2023
Rose - Peace ©

Rosa ‘Chicago Peace’ or Rose ‘Chicago Peace’ is a hybrid tea rose that is related to the famous “Peace” rose. Slightly more vibrant and colorful it still holds similar characteristics and beauty. This beautiful rose grows to about 4ft or 1.5m high and spreads to about 3ft or 1m. Rose is part of the Rosaceae family of plants.

It is also known as Rosa ‘JOHnago’. Stanley C. Johnston cultivated this rose and it originated in the United States in 1962. It has a very large flower about 6in or 15cm wide. It has about 60 petals. It blooms from spring to autumn.

Chicago Peace Rose
Chicago Peace Rose

The Chicago Peace Rose does well in a cooler climate. Its colors change depending on the climate. This rose has a sweet fragrance and flowers repeatedly. It is disease-free, but watch out for blackspot. Prune it in early spring by removing dead branches and trimming the other branches by a third.

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