June 6, 2023

Dahlias have a long season of flowering starting in the summer and continuing all the way to the beginning of winter. They like the sun but you can grow them in mid-shade, but for better flowering keep them in the sun.

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Pink Dahlia

Dahlia is a genus of plants with 42 species. They are tuberous, herbaceous perennial plants. Dahlias are native to Central America. They are part of the Asteraceae family of plants. You can plant Dahlias in borders or among shrubs and give colors to different parts of the garden. Dahlia is also great for cuttings.

Dahlias are divided into many groups such as the decorative Dahlias which have double flowers and come in giant-flowers, large-flowers, medium, and small-flowered.

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Yellow Dahlia

Another group is the Cactus Dahlia which has more spiky flowers. Cactus Dahlias also come in all sizes. The Semi-cactus Dahlia also has similar varieties and then there are the ball dahlias they usually are either large or small-sized. Collarette Dahlias have single flowers. And there is the Peony Dahlias. Dahlias like moist soil and they grow well in the wet season.

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Adding humus is especially useful in sandy and dry soils. Make sure to give them enough spacing for growth 18″ to 24″ or 45cm to 60cm depending on the size.

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Dark Pink Dahlia

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