February 1, 2023
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Petunia is a genus of 20 species of plants. It is native to South America. the name is from French “Petun” meaning tobacco. They are annual plants. Most of the Petunias planted in gardens are hybrids. Petunia is from the Solanaceae family of plants.

Grow Petunias in the sun. They do require plenty of light, a minimum of five hours a day. Plant them in rich and moist soil that is well-drained. They do tolerate harsh situations and hot climates. But it is not frost-tolerant.

Petunia copyright https://www.onlineflowergarden.com
White Petunia

There are four distinct categories of Petunias:

Grandiflora: they have large flowers
Multiflora: they are smaller flowers but flower profusely
Milliflora: they are miniature flowers
Spreading: they are fast growers and spread out rapidly

Petunias make a great border plant. Given good sun exposure Petunias are a great choice. Sometimes fragrant but always colorful. Petunias have funnel-shaped flowers. They range from pinks to purple, lavender, white, blue, purple. Petunia blooms from July to September. Feed Petunias monthly with fertilizer.  Tobacco budworm maybe a problem with Petunias.

Petunia copyright https://www.onlineflowergarden.com
Bright Pink Petunia
Dark Pink Petunia
Dark Pink Petunia
Dark Purple Petunia

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