February 1, 2023
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Cyclamen is a genus of perennial plants. It includes about 23 species. This genus is part of the Primulaceae family of plants. Most species are native to Europe, the Mediterranean region east to Iran, and one species from Somalia.

They are tuberous plants. The flowers range from white to pink, red and purple. The flower petals are upturned. It also has beautiful leaves. The shape of the leaves vary. The leaves grow on their own stems and are different than the flowering stems. The leaves are usually variegated with green and silver. The backs of the leaves are usually different in color and texture. Cyclamen come in large and small flowers.

Cyclamen are usually summer-dormant. The leaves grow in autumn and flowers in winter. They grow well in the shade of other shrubs or trees or you can grow them in pots. Probably one of the most popular potted plants, they add beautiful color to any corner. Cyclamen like fairly rich porous soil.

Cyclamen copyright www.onlineflowergarden.com
Pink Cyclamen
Cyclamen copyright www.onlineflowergarden.com
Cyclamen Red
Cyclamen copyright www.onlineflowergarden.com
Cyclamen leaves are also very attractive

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