Clivia miniata or Kaffir Lily

Clivia miniata: The Beautiful Natal Lily

Clivia miniata is native to South Africa. It is part of the Amaryllidaceae family of plants. A beautiful plant for the shade it forms clumps and produces beautiful flowers. The word miniata in Latin, when used as an adjective, is vermilion or cinnabar red which refers to the beautiful color of the flowers. Clivia miniata is also known as Natal Lily, Bush Lily, or Kaffir Lily. Clivia miniata is an evergreen perennial with a bulb-like base.

Distinctive Features and Growth Habits: Clivia miniata is an evergreen perennial that grows from a bulb-like base. It reaches a height of approximately 45cm or 18 inches. The plant derives its name from the Latin word “miniata,” which describes the vermilion or cinnabar red color of its beautiful flowers. Its strap-like leaves are glossy and thick, while the flowers emerge on stout erect stems, showcasing deep orange-red trumpet-shaped blooms with bright yellow central anthers.

Growing Clivia miniata in different climates:

Clivia miniata grows to about 45cm or 18in. It is planted outside and in containers indoors, obviously, in colder climates, it is grown only indoors or in glasshouses. It does like light, but indirect light. Clivia miniata flowers from April to August. It has deep orange-red trumpet-shaped flowers, with bright yellow central anthers. The leaves are strap-like glossy and thick. The flowers appear on a stout erect stem.

Clivia miniata is frost tender. So in colder climates, you can cut them after flowering and go through a dormant season. Reduce moisture but not completely generally it withstands temperatures of 5°C or 40°F. However, I know the Los Angeles climate in the winter can drop below that and they do alright. In climates, like southern California, they are planted outside in the garden in the shade where they remain and thrive.

Clivia miniata usually flowers more profusely when it is undisturbed and forms clumps. So even in a pot do not disturb or repot unless it is necessary. Use a well-drained compost and do not plant the bulb too deep. The neck of the bulb should be close to the surface. If you keep them indoors remember they will need the cold to bloom. Just deadhead flowers and any leaves that might need removing.

Propagation Methods: Clivia miniata can be propagated through division or seeds. When dividing the plant, carefully wash away the compost from the roots and separate them. For seed propagation, it is recommended to sow the seeds immediately after harvesting, before they have a chance to dry. Germination can take around eight weeks, and it may take nearly three years for the plants to mature and produce flowers.

Clivia miniata or Kaffir Lily
Kaffir Lily or Clivia miniata planted outdoors in Los Angeles
Clivia miniata or Natal Lily
Clivia miniata or Natal Lily

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