February 8, 2023

Delphinium requienii is part of the Ranunculaceae family of plants. It is also known as Requin’s delphinium, Requin’s larkspur, Stavesacre, Delphinium staphisagria var. requienii.

Delphinium Requienii
Delphinium requienii

Delphinium requienii is a biennial plant. The flowers are lavender or mauve. It flowers in late spring or early summer. The flowers grow on tall racemes and branched spikes. They have dark purple stamens. Delphinium requienii flowers and the stem are all covered in fine hair. It also produces secondary spikes of flowers.

Delphinium requienii has shiny leaves. They are dark green, lobed, divided into 5 to 7 narrowly lance-shaped lobes. Slugs avoid the leaves due to their shiny feel. Delphinium requienii grows to 1m or 3ft.

Delphinium Requienii closeup
Delphinium requienii

Delphinium requienii originates from the south of France, islands of Sardinia and Corsica. It produces carpels of seeds after flowering. Delphinium requienii dies down by end of summer after flowers are done.

How to grow Delphinium requienii:

Grow Delphinium requienii in the sun or partial shade. Plant it in fertile, moist soil that is well-drained. Use neutral to alkaline soil. All parts of this plant are toxic. Propagate by seed. Seeds germinate in 14 to 21 days. Watch out for caterpillars, slugs, snails, sawflies, crown rot, and powdery mildew. Delphinium requienii is a prolific self-seeder.

Delphinium Requienii at Kew Gardens
Delphinium requienii at Kew Garden, London, UK

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