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Actaea rubra

Actaea rubra also is known as Red Baneberry or Chinaberry is a herbaceous plant from the Ranunculaceae family of plants. Actaea Rubra thrives in shady areas and moist soils. They are slow growers and they need to mature before they flower. Red Baneberry produces beautiful red berries in late summer, early autumn.

Actaea rubra
Actaea rubra Red Baneberry, Chinaberry

The red Baneberry plant is native to North America is poisonous. Native Americans used the juice from the berries to poison their arrows. In fact, all the plant is poisonous but the berries are the most poisonous. They grow 18″ to 30″ tall they like slightly acidic soil and moist conditions. Red Baneberry seeds are slow to germinate sometimes it takes as long as two years. The flowers have a rosy fragrance and they bloom in late spring.

Actaea Rubra Red Baneberry
Red Baneberry
Actaea Rubra Red Baneberry
Actaea rubra or Red Baneberry

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