Salvia microphylla ‘Kew Red’

Salvia microphylla 'Kew Red'

Salvia microphylla ‘Kew Red’ – Baby Sage Kew Red

Overview: Salvia microphylla ‘Kew Red’ also known as Baby Sage Kew Red, is a bushy evergreen sub-shrub. It belongs to the Lamiaceae family of plants. This variety is cherished for its vibrant red flowers that bloom from summer to late autumn, adding a burst of color to the garden. Originating from the Arizona and Mexico region, Salvia microphylla hybridizes easily, leading to various cultivars with different characteristics.

Description and Characteristics: ‘Baby Sage Kew Red’ is characterized by its bushy growth habit and evergreen nature. It produces bright red flowers that are two-lipped and arranged on racemes. The flowering period usually spans from summer to November, with some variations based on regional climates. The leaves of this sub-shrub are ovate in shape, enhancing its visual appeal.

Cultivation of Salvia microphylla ‘Kew Red’:

To successfully grow Salvia microphylla ‘Kew Red,’ follow these cultivation tips:

Sun and Soil Requirements: This plant thrives in full sun, although it can tolerate partial shade. To ensure optimal growth, plant it in fertile, humus-rich, and well-drained soil. Moisture is important, but waterlogging should be avoided.

Propagation: ‘Kew Red’ can be propagated through softwood cuttings in early spring. Take cuttings from new growth that is not yet woody. Plant the cuttings in a suitable propagation medium, ensuring adequate moisture and warmth for successful rooting.

Garden Uses: Baby Sage ‘Kew Red’ is an excellent choice for adding vibrant color to gardens. It can be grown as a specimen plant, in mixed borders, or in containers. Its attractive flowers are sure to draw attention and complement other garden plants.

Maintenance and Care: This variety of Salvia microphylla is generally disease-free. Regular maintenance includes pruning back any dead or damaged growth in late winter or early spring. Deadheading spent flowers promotes continuous blooming and helps maintain a neat appearance.

Embrace the Beauty of Salvia microphylla ‘Kew Red’: With its striking red flowers, evergreen foliage, and ease of cultivation, Salvia microphylla ‘Kew Red’ is a delightful addition to any garden. Its long flowering season and low maintenance needs make it a popular choice among gardeners seeking vibrant color and reliable performance. Plant it in a sunny spot, provide proper soil conditions, and enjoy the beauty this sub-shrub brings to your outdoor space.

Salvia microphylla 'Kew Red'
Bright red flowers of Salvia microphylla ‘Kew Red’
Salvia microphylla 'Kew Red'
Salvia microphylla ‘Kew Red’

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