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Jasminum polyanthum

Jasminum polyanthum is native to China. They also call it the Pink Jasmine or White Jasmine. It is part of the Oleaceae family of plants.

Jasminum polyanthum produces fragrant flowers in spring. It is a climber that could grow to about 10 feet. Jasminum polyanthum has dark green leaves. The flowers are star-like. The buds have a darker pink tint but they usually open to a white or a very light tint of pink.


You can grow them in the garden or indoors in pots. Many people prefer to do so since they are very fragrant. They are rather easy to grow as they do well both in the sun or the shade. They are considered both evergreen or deciduous based on the severity of the climate.

Unlike other scented spring flowers like Narcissus or Hyacinths, Jasminum polyanthum flowers last a couple of weeks or longer, and in the right environment you might have blooms for longer periods, but in general, they bloom in March and April.

Jasminum polyanthum requires moist rich soil. Plant it in containers or in the garden. In general, it does well in most climates. The temperature should not fall below 40F.

Jasminum polyanthum
Jasminum polyanthum Flowers
Jasminum polyanthum

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