Callistemon citrinus

No wonder it is commonly called the Bottlebrush Plant, if you look it at it, the flowers resemble the bottle brushes we find in our kitchens. The beautiful red blossoms appear throughout summer and for the rest of the year, you have beautiful evergreen leaves. These are smaller trees growing to about 6 or 7 feet high.

Buttlebrush, Callistemon Citrinus

Callistemon citrinus is from the Myrtaceae family and is native to Australia, and it loves a warm sheltered climate, but you can see it now around the world. So choose a sunny spot for this tree but protect it from strong winds, many times you see this tree planted by a wall which gives it some support from the wind. It has a lemony scent but not too strong. You can propagate this plant from cuttings.

Callistemon Citrinus, London, UK

You can plant in pots as well as in the ground and it also looks good in lawns as it has a bright red accent that works well with green. They grow well in most soils and are easy to maintain especially when they are established. Though if you are planning to grow them in a pot plant them in rich soil. Callistemon citrinus does not like hard pruning but regular pruning after flowering keeps it from overgrowing and also helps manage the shape. You see these trees usually grown round and like a globe.

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