Callistemon viminalis

Callistemon viminalis is also known as Melaleuca viminalis or Weeping bottlebrush is from the Myrtaceae family of plants and native to Australia. Actually they are native to more coastal Australia such as Queensland and New South Wales. It is a large shrub or smaller tree and can grow to about 10m or 30ft. It is very similar to Callistemon citrinus but this shrub or tree is weeping rather than upright. It is evergreen with narrow alternating leaves. The flowers are bright red blooming summer and autumn.

Callistemon viminalis
Callistemon viminalis in Los Angeles, California. You tend to see this tree used as a street tree in many street in Los Angeles.

It likes the sun and moist but well-drained soil. But similar to other Callistemon varieties sheltering or planting by a wall does help. Fertile soil is best however it does alright in neutral to acid soil. You can propagate by semi-hardwood cuttings. It is usually disease-free but you should check for mealybugs and spider mites. Callistemon viminalis also has a hot pink variety which signifies the color of the flowers. Callistemon viminalis can withstand temperatures as low as -5˚C which is equivalent to 23˚F but otherwise protect it from the frost.

Callistemon viminalis Red Flowers
Callistemon viminalis
Callistemon viminalis

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