February 4, 2023
Aruncus Dioicus

Aruncus dioicus is a clump-forming, herbaceous perennial. Aruncus dioicus is native to Eurasia and Alaska. Aruncus dioicus is also known as Aruncus plumosus, Aruncus sylvestris, or Goat’s Beard and it belongs to the Rosaceae family of plants.

It grows up to 2m or 6ft. It has bipinnate leaves and creamy flowers, and after its flowering season, the leaves are still a very attractive addition to the landscape. The white plumes of flowers appear in June and July. You can cut it back after flowering. You can dry the flowers by hanging them upside down in a dark room.

Grow Aruncus dioicus in full sun or partial shade. Plant it in organically rich, well-drained soil. Aruncus Dioicus is very easy to grow. The male plant actually flowers more profusely as the flowers have more stamens.

Aruncus Dioicus - Goat's Beard

Aruncus Dioicus is easy to grow and is mostly pest-free and disease-free. You can propagate by seed or you can divide the clumps. It attracts bees and butterflies and is deer-resistant.

Aruncus Dioicus

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