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Anemone pavoniana

Anemone pavoniana is a herbaceous perennial. It is part of the Buttercup or Ranunculaceae family of plants. It is native to the Cantabrian Mountains in the Iberian Peninsula.

Anemone pavoniana
Anemone pavoniana at Cambridge Botanic Garden, UK

It grows from rhizomes and can grow to 50cm or 20in tall. Pierre Edmond Boissier first described it in 1854, in the Diagnoses Plantarum Orientalium Novarum. The name Anemone is from Greek meaning “wind”, and pavoniana means “with a blue eye”.

Other synonyms include Anemone baldensis subsp. pavoniana, Anemone losae, Anemone pavoniana var. losae. They also call it the Cantabrian Anemone or Peacock Windflower.

Anemone pavoniana grows a rosette of leaves. The leaves are lobed and bright green. The stem and the bracts are hairy. The flowers are white, with bluish anthers. Anemone pavoniana flowers in late spring, May, and June.

Anemone pavoniana
Anemone pavoniana

How to grow Anemone pavoniana:

Grow Anemone pavoniana in the sun. Plant it in well-drained soil. Keep it dry when it is dormant. Propagate from seed or division. Watch out for eelworms, slugs, and powdery mildew. This plant might irritate the skin wear protective gloves when handling it.

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