Matthiola incana, or Stock

Matthiola incana: A Fragrant and Colorful Perennial

Matthiola incana, commonly known as Matthiola incana ‘Brompton,’ Matthiola arborescens, Hoary Stock, Stock, Brompton Stock, Cluster-leaved Stock, Gilliflower, Common Stock, Wallflower Stock, Queen’s Stock, or Hopes, is a delightful flowering plant that belongs to the Brassicaceae family. Native to Southern Europe, this short-lived perennial is often grown as a biennial, captivating gardeners and flower enthusiasts with its narrow green leaves and fragrant flowers. Matthiola incana finds its place on cliffs by the sea, thriving in calcareous soil and adding beauty to coastal landscapes.

Appearance and Fragrance:

Matthiola incana boasts an array of colors, ranging from pure white, cream, and yellow to captivating pinks, mauves, lilacs, purples, and burgundies. The flowers, which emit a pleasant fragrance, are densely arranged in spikes that grow on tall stems. This charming perennial blooms from late spring through summer, infusing gardens with vibrant hues and captivating scents. The plant itself reaches a height of approximately 30cm or 12in and develops a woody base.

Personal Affection and Availability:

Matthiola incana holds a special place in the hearts of many flower enthusiasts, including myself. These beautiful blooms are often found at farmers’ markets in California, where I reside. Each Sunday, a nearby farmers’ market in Los Angeles showcases the alluring Matthiola incana, prompting me to bring its beauty and fragrance into my home. As cut flowers, Matthiola incana adds a touch of color and fills the air with its delightful scent, while also exhibiting impressive longevity. It’s important to change the water frequently when displaying these flowers, as they tend to cloud the water quickly.

Matthiola incana, stock
Matthiola incana

Cultivation Tips for Matthiola incana:

For successful cultivation of Matthiola incana, consider the following guidelines:

Light and Soil: Plant Matthiola incana in a sunny location that receives ample sunlight. Ensure the soil is well-drained and select a sheltered spot for optimal growth. This perennial thrives in calcareous soil, so incorporating such conditions or using suitable amendments can enhance its overall health and vigor.

Propagation and Maintenance: Matthiola incana is typically propagated from seeds sown in early spring. For continued flowering, deadhead the spent flowers regularly. Once the flowering period has concluded, it is advisable to cut back the plant to promote new growth and maintain its shape.

Pest and Disease Management: While enjoying the beauty of Matthiola incana, be mindful of potential pests such as aphids, flea beetles, and cabbage root flies. Additionally, keep an eye out for common diseases such as downy mildew, clubroot, or root rot. Timely intervention and appropriate pest control measures can help maintain the health of this lovely perennial.

Cultivar Insights: Double-flowered Stocks are sterile, which means they are typically grown from single-flowered plants. Crossbreeding with heterozygous single-flowered varieties can yield a minimum of 25% double-flowered offspring. However, through dedicated cultivation efforts and the selection of specific Matthiola incana cultivars over the years, the odds of obtaining double-flowered varieties have significantly improved.

Embrace the Beauty:

Matthiola incana, with its fragrant blossoms and a wide range of colors, adds charm and elegance to any garden or floral arrangement. Whether adorning coastal landscapes or enhancing indoor spaces, this beloved perennial captivates with its delightful scent and vibrant petals. Embrace the beauty of Matthiola incana and experience the joy it brings as it emerges from the earth, showcasing its radiant blooms. Create a stunning garden display or bring the enchantment indoors with a bouquet of Matthiola incana, allowing its captivating fragrance to permeate your surroundings.

With its availability at farmers’ markets and nurseries, it’s easier than ever to incorporate Matthiola incana into your gardening endeavors. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice plant enthusiast, this perennial’s resilience and charm make it a delightful addition to any landscape.

So, venture forth and embrace the beauty of Matthiola incana, celebrating its vibrant colors, alluring fragrance, and the joy it brings as it graces your surroundings. Let this remarkable plant inspire you to create your own floral masterpiece and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature’s artistry.

Matthiola incana or Stock
Colorful flowers of Matthiola incana
Matthiola incana
Lavender Matthiola incana

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