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Sagittaria Graminea

Sagittaria graminea is also known as the Sagittaria graminea subsp. graminea, Sagittaria graminea subsp. weatherbianaGrassy Arrowhead, Grass-leaved Arrowhead, or Narrow-leafed arrowhead. It is an aquatic plant that grows in wet marshes and lakes.

The name Sagittaria is derived from Sagitta in Latin which refers to the shape of the leaves and means arrow. Sagittaria graminea is part of the Alismataceae family of plants. It is native to eastern North America. It is a fast-growing perennial plant.

Sagittaria graminea
Sagittaria graminea

Sagittaria graminea can grow to 90cm or 3ft. It has long narrow lanceolate leaves. The leaves and stems grow from the base. It has small white flowers. They have 3 petals. Sagittaria graminea flowers in the summer.

Grow Sagittaria graminea where there is full sun. Plant in wet boggy, humus-rich soil. Water can be up to 10cm over the crown. It could tolerate a slight shade. Sagittaria graminea propagates by runners or self-seeding. It is generally disease-free and pest-free. Watch out for spider mites and aphids.

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