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Nerine bowdenii

Nerine bowdenii is also known as Bowden Lily, Cornish Lily, Cape Flower, or Guernsey Lily. It is not a lily, it is part of the Amaryllidaceae family of plants. It is native to South Africa. Nerine bowdenii is a herbaceous, bulbous perennial. It usually grows to 45cm or 18in. It has strap-shaped green leaves. Athelstan Hall Cornish-Bowden (1871-1942) a South African land surveyor, named this plant in 1904. Nerine bowdenii is the hardiest among other Nerines.

Nerine bowdenii
Nerine bowdenii at Kew Garden, London, UK

Nerine bowdenii produces pink umbels of flowers in autumn with curly segments or petals. Plant Nerine bowdenii in early spring in a sunny location. Grow it in fertile but well-drained soil. Protect the bulbs in winter. Propagate by seed or division. It is generally disease-free. Watch out for slugs.

The bulbs are usually about 14cm or 6 in circumference. They contain chemicals that are being researched for possible treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. They contain undermine and Betaine-type alkaloids.

Nerine bowdenii
Nerine bowdenii

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