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Iresine lindenii

Iresine lindenii is also known as Blood Leaf. It is part of the Amaranthaceae family of plants. It is native to Ecuador. Iresine lindenii is also known as Achyranthes acuminata or Achyranthes lindenii.

Iresine lindenii is a tropical evergreen perennial. Grow it outdoors if you live in a frost-free location. It can grow in containers indoors. It can grow to 90cm or 3ft tall.

It has ovate, lance-shaped leaves. They are glossy bright red in color. You will notice a lighter shade of veins on the leaves. The name is from Greek eiros meaning wool. That refers to the wooly look of the seeds. Iresine lindenii is named after Jean Jules Linden (1817-1898). He was a Belgian botanist.

Achyranthes lindenii
Achyranthes lindenii at Kew Garden, London, UK

Iresine lindenii flowers in panicles. It has white flowers. They are rather insignificant. Iresine lindenii is grown for its unique red foliage. You can pinch out flowers. The flowers do take a lot of energy from the plants.

Preventing the flowers makes the plant grow stronger. If you grow Iresine lindenii indoors you need to provide them plenty of light. Otherwise, it grows leggy. You can place pots outdoors after the danger of the frost has passed.

Grow Iresine lindenii in the sun. Plant it in moist and fertile but well-drained soil. Try to keep the soil evenly moist throughout the summer. You should never let it dry. But don’t let it go soggy. Using organic mulch usually helps maintain moisture. Propagate Iresine lindenii from seeds or cuttings.

It is easy to grow them from cuttings. Place the cut stems in a glass of water. Once you see the roots you can then plant them in soil. Pinch out tips to make it bushy. Iresine lindenii is usually resistant to deer.

Achyranthes lindenii
Achyranthes lindenii

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