February 4, 2023
Iris bulleyana

Iris bulleyana

Iris bulleyana is part of the Iridaceae family of plants. It is called 西南鸢尾, meaning Southwest Iris, in Chinese. It is native to South China, Myanmar, and Tibet. Iris bulleyana is a rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial. In Sweden, they call it the Kinesisk Iris or Bulley’s Iris.

Bulleyana is named after Arthur Kilpin Bulley (1861-1942) who was the creator of the Ness Botanic Gardens. He also has other plants such as Primula bulleyana and an orchid genus named after him.

Iris bulleyana
Iris bulleyana at Kew Garden, London, UK

Iris bulleyana was published in The Gardener’s Chronicle by William Rickatson Dykes (1877-1925), an English botanist, in 1910, but was later thought to be a hybrid. However, it was not until 1994 when it was observed again in its natural habitat in West Yunnan, and therefore concluded that it is not a hybrid.

Iris bulleyana grows in moist hillsides and in meadows and beside rivers and streams. Iris bulleyana has narrow, linear leaves slightly different in color on each side. One side is glossy green and the other more grayish-green. Iris bulleyana leaves can grow to 45cm or 18in tall.

Iris bulleyana
Iris bulleyana

In early summer or late spring, Iris bulleyana produces long stems of about 70cm or 27in with beautiful blue or violet or purple flowers. Each stem holds one or two flowers.

Iris bulleyana flower has 3 drooping falls and a wider blad that has a yellow or white stripe with violet veins. Iris bulleyana also has 3 smaller lanceolate standards. and long stamens and anthers. After flower Iris bulleyana produces seed capsules, containing flat round brown seeds.

How to grow Iris bulleyana:

Grow Iris bulleyana in the sun or partial shade. Plant it in moist and fertile soil. Iris bulleyana can be used in bog gardens as well as drier landscapes such as borders. Most of the parts of this Iris is poisonous, but Iris bulleyana is also being experimented with for any possible anti-fungal and antioxidant properties.

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