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Garryaceae is a small family of plants. It is also known as the Silktassle Family. It is from the order of Garryales. The family has two genera and about 52 species. They are mostly distributed in the neotropics. For example Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.

Most Garryaceae members are dioecious shrubs or small trees. The members of this family have simple, opposite leaves, usually evergreen, petioled. The flowers are unisexual, solitary, pendant like or small flowers in axils with basally fused bracts. Garryaceae fruits are usually berry, spheric, or ovoid. They are fleshy. They usually have two seeds.

The genera in the Garryaceae family include:


Aucuba japonica, Japanese Laurel
Aucuba japonica or Japanese Laurel
Garrya elliptica Douglas ex Lindl. ©
Garrya elliptica Douglas ex Lindl.

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