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That’s correct! Garryaceae, commonly referred to as the Silktassle Family, is a small plant family that belongs to the order Garryales. It consists of two genera, Garrya and Aucuba, comprising approximately 52 known species.

Members of the Garryaceae family are primarily found in the neotropical regions, including areas such as the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. These regions serve as their main distribution areas, though some species can also be found in certain parts of North America and East Asia.

The most well-known genus in the Garryaceae family is Garrya, which includes species commonly known as silk tassels. These plants are known for their distinctive, elongated, and tassel-like inflorescences that hang gracefully from the branches, resembling silken tassels. The inflorescences are often pendulous, with small, inconspicuous flowers.

Garryaceae plants are typically evergreen shrubs or small trees with simple, opposite leaves. The leaves are glossy, and leathery, and often have an attractive dark green color. The flowers of the Garrya species are usually unisexual, meaning that individual plants have either male or female flowers. They are wind-pollinated and produce small, inconspicuous flowers with reduced petals.

The fruits of Garryaceae are often small and dry, containing one or a few seeds. Some species produce berries that are attractive to wildlife.

While Garryaceae is a relatively small family, the unique appearance of its members and their adaptation to neotropical regions make them interesting and distinctive components of the plant kingdom.

Most Garryaceae members are dioecious shrubs or small trees. The members of this family have simple, opposite leaves, usually evergreen, petioled. The flowers are unisexual, solitary, pendant like or small flowers in axils with basally fused bracts. Garryaceae fruits are usually berry, spheric, or ovoid. They are fleshy. They usually have two seeds.

The genera in the Garryaceae family include:


Garryaceae Aucuba japonica, Japanese Laurel
Aucuba japonica or Japanese Laurel
Garryaceae Garrya elliptica Douglas ex Lindl. ©
Garrya elliptica Douglas ex Lindl.

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