February 1, 2023
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Lobelias are everywhere, people use them in borders or hanging baskets. They grow in a dense ball of flowers. The most popular color is blue and dark purple. Lobelia flowers grow in a variety of shades such as light purple and white. They are easy to grow and love the sun.

Lobelia erinus or as commonly known as Edging Lobelia, Trailing Lobelia, or Garden Lobelia. It is part of the Campanulaceae family of plants. It is native to South Africa. It is a low-growing herbaceous perennial (usually treated as an annual). The flowers cover the plant so profusely it looks like a ball of flowers. They also flower for a very long time. It has deep green colored leaves. But the flowers dominate the leaves. It was named after Flemish botanist, Matthias de Lobel (1536-1616).

The flowers are five-lobbed. They grow in loose panicles. Lobelia erinus flowers are hermaphrodite. The five sepals are fused. It also has five stamens.

Lobelia erinus
Lobelia erinus

How to grow Lobelia erinus:

Plant Lobelia erinus in a cool spot in moist soil but well-drained. Grow it in partial shade or sun. You can cut them back in summer to encourage more flowers. Lobelia erinus grows to about 20cm or 8in height. They flower from late spring to autumn. Propagate Lobelia erinus by seed. They are generally pest-free and disease-free.

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