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Potato Vine or Solanum jasminoides

Potato Vine or Solanum jasminoides has beautiful white flowers it is not very hardy but it is drought-resistant and grows to about 10-20′ tall. It is native to Brazil. It belongs to the Solanaceae family of plants. Once established it grows fast and is evergreen.

Potato Vine is a Jasmine scented climber vine. It flowers June to September with bluish-white star-shaped flowers with yellow centers. Potato Vine also produces dark purple tiny berries after flowering.

Potato Vine or Solanum jasminoides
Potato Vine or Solanum jasminoides

How to grow Potato Vine or Solanum jasminoides:

Plant Potato Vine in the sun, in fertile moist, well-drained soil. It is deer-resistant. You can grow it both in the ground or pots or containers. It is harmful if consumed. It has glossy green leaves. You can prune the side shoots in late winter or early spring. In frost-prone areas, you might have to keep it under glass or greenhouse so watch out for red spider mite and aphids.

Potato Vine
Potato Vine or Solanum jasminoides

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