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Zonal Geranium or Pelargonium zonale

Zonal Geraniums are also known as Pelargonium zonale or Wildemalva in Afrikaans. They are native to South Africa. They are beautiful bushy flowering plants. They are perennials that bloom for a long season and are perfect for bedding or pots. Pelargonium zonale is hybridized with close relatives. The best-known hybrid is Pelargonium x hortorum.

Pelargonium zonale is part of the Geraniaceae family of plants. It is an upright and sometimes scrambling shrub. It has hairy and succulent stems. The leaves are reniform. The flowers grow as umbels and each flower is zygomorphic. It has narrow dark pink petals.

How to grow Pelargonium zonale:

Grow Pelargonium zonale in sun or partial shade. Plant it in fertile and well-drained soil. Deadhead flowers. In colder climates you need to move them in greenhouses during winter. You can do this by cutting them one third of the size and place them in a frost-free location. Propagate from seed. Seeds germinate in about 2weeks. You can also propagate from cuttings in summer. Watch out for leafhoppers, weevil, thrips, fungus gnats, aphids and root rot.

Zonal Geranium
Zonal Geranium

Other synonyms for Pelargonium zonale include:

Ciconium clarum
Ciconium cocciniflorum
Ciconium densiflorum
Ciconium leucanthum
Ciconium rosula
Ciconium stenopetalum
Ciconium zonale
Geraniospermum zonale
Geranium marginatum
Geranium zonale

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