Begonia bolivensis ‘Bossa Nova’

Begonia Bolivensis 'Bossa Nova'

Begonia bolivensis ‘Bossa Nova’ is a beautiful trailing begonia that is known for its profuse flowering habit. It produces numerous white hanging flowers that dangle from reddish-pink stems, making it an ideal choice for hanging baskets. However, it is also commonly seen planted in borders and containers, adding a touch of elegance to any garden. The plant features the typical pointed and serrated green leaves that are characteristic of many begonia varieties.

As a tuberous begonia, Begonia bolivensis ‘Bossa Nova’ grows from a tuber and can reach a height of 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45 centimeters). It belongs to the Begoniaceae family of plants, which includes a wide range of begonia species.

Native to Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina, Begonia bolivensis ‘Bossa Nova’ was originally identified by Hugh Weddell in the Bolivian Andes in 1857. It was later introduced to Europe in 1864 by Richard Pearce and made its way to Paris, where it was officially introduced by Veitch Nursery in 1867.

‘Bossa Nova’ is one of the tuberous begonias that resulted from hybridization involving the popular Begonia sedenii. Although native to colder mountainous regions, it has shown good tolerance for warmer climates. This variety of begonia can handle a bit of dryness in the soil, but it thrives best in rich, moist soil with excellent drainage.

Begonia Bolivensis 'Bossa Nova'
Begonia Bolivensis ‘Bossa Nova’

How to care for Begonia bolivensis ‘Bossa Nova’:

Being deciduous, Begonia bolivensis ‘Bossa Nova’ goes dormant during the winter and re-sprouts in the following growing season. To support its growth and flowering, it can benefit from a regular application of liquid fertilizer during the active growing period. The plant produces flowers abundantly throughout the summer and fall seasons.

In terms of light requirements, ‘Bossa Nova’ prefers partial shade but benefits from a good amount of light. It is important to shelter begonias, including this variety, from strong winds, as they can damage delicate foliage and flowers.

Overall, Begonia bolivensis ‘Bossa Nova’ is an easy-to-grow and easy-to-care-for plant that brings vibrant beauty to hanging baskets, borders, and containers. With its attractive trailing habit, profusion of flowers, and adaptability to various climates, it is a popular choice among begonia enthusiasts and gardeners alike.

Begonia Bolivensis 'Bossa Nova'
Begonia Bolivensis ‘Bossa Nova’

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