Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’

Pelargonium 'Big Eeze Pink'

Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’: A Stunning Geranium Cultivar

Background and Family: Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’, also known as Geranium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’, is a cultivar of Pelargonium. It belongs to the Geraniaceae family of plants. The Big Eeze Series, including ‘Big Eeze Pink’, was developed by Dümmen Orange, a renowned Dutch company specializing in floriculture excellence. This series represents the work of various breeders who aimed to create improved cultivars with larger flowers and foliage that perform exceptionally well in a variety of landscapes.

Characteristics and Description: Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’ is a visually striking cultivar, ideal for beds, borders, and containers. As a half-hardy, evergreen perennial, it offers year-round beauty and can thrive with relative ease. This cultivar is cherished for its impressive floral display and lush foliage.

The flowers of Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’ are large and boast a captivating pink color. They bloom abundantly throughout the summer, extending their colorful presence into the autumn months. With minimal maintenance, such as deadheading spent blooms and providing adequate fertilization, this cultivar rewards gardeners with a continuous show of stunning flowers.

The foliage of Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’ emits a delightful fragrance. The medium green leaves are alternate and palmately lobed, adding an attractive backdrop to the vibrant blooms. The flowers are arranged in umbel-like clusters, with each flower exhibiting five distinct petals. The blossoms gradually open from the center outward, creating an enchanting visual effect.

Cultivation of Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’:

Sunlight: Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’ thrives in full sun. Adequate exposure to sunlight is essential for optimal flowering and the overall health of the plant.

Watering: Regular watering is necessary, particularly during the first year after planting. Ensure that the water reaches the plant’s roots by watering deeply. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out slightly before watering again, as this cultivar prefers moderately moist conditions.

Soil: Plant Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’ in fertile and well-drained soil. A neutral to alkaline soil pH is recommended to support the plant’s growth and overall health. Ensuring proper soil conditions helps promote strong root development and enhances the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Pests and Diseases: Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’ is generally resilient and not highly susceptible to pests or diseases. However, occasional challenges such as powdery mildew and aphids may arise. Timely intervention using appropriate fungicides or insecticides can effectively address these issues and protect the plant’s vitality.

Propagation: Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’ can be propagated through seed or cuttings. While seed germination can take up to two weeks, propagation through cuttings is often a more reliable and convenient method. To propagate through cuttings, select a healthy stem approximately 4 inches in length. Remove the lower leaves and plant the cutting in a pot filled with well-drained soil. Maintain moist soil conditions, and within approximately two weeks, the cutting will develop roots, establishing itself as a new plant.

Embrace the ‘Big Eeze Pink’ Beauty:

Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’ is a remarkable cultivar that enchants with its large pink blooms, fragrant foliage, and extended flowering season. Whether adorning beds, borders, or containers, this cultivar brings grace and elegance to any landscape. Delight in the ease of growing and maintaining this captivating plant, and let its exceptional beauty transform your outdoor spaces into vibrant, pink-filled havens.

Pelargonium hortorum 'Big Eeze Pink'
Geranium or Pelargonium ‘Big Eeze Pink’ at Kew Gardens, London, UK

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