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Geranium hortorum

Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’

Pelargonium 'Big Eeze Pink'

Pelargonium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’ or Geranium hortorum ‘Big Eeze Pink’ is a cultivar of Pelargonium. The Big Eeze Series was cultivated by Dümmen Orange which represents various breeders. This is a Dutch company focused on floriculture excellence. Pelargonium ‘Big Eeze Pink’ is ideal for beds and borders as well as containers. It is a half-hardy, evergreen perennial. It is easy to grow. It is part of the Geraniaceae family ...

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Pelargonium hortorum ‘Baby Face’

Pelargonium - Baby Face

Pelargonium hortorum ‘Baby Face’ or Pelargonium hortorum ‘Survivor Baby Face’ produces beautiful light to medium pink flowers. Like all other Pelargoniums or Geraniums from the Geraniaceae family of plants, it is an evergreen perennial that can be a houseplant or planted in borders and containers. Easy to grow, plant Pelargonium hortorum ‘Baby Face’ in the sun or partial shade has fragrant leaves and a long season of flowering especially if ...

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Pelargonium ‘Sunrise Salmon Purple Eye’

Pelargonium Sunrise Salmon Purple Eye

Pelargonium hortorum ‘Sunrise Salmon Purple Eye’ is another hybrid of Pelargonium or Geranium hortorum. Plant in the sun or partial shade in fertile, moist well-drained soil. Deadhead flower for long flowering season and beautiful color in bedding or containers. Pelargonium ‘Sunrise Salmon Purple Eye’ Pelargonium ‘Sunrise Salmon Purple Eye’ at Kew Gardens

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Pelargonium hortorum ‘Frank Headley’

Pelargonium - Frank Headley

Pelargonium hortorum ‘Frank Headley’ or called Geranium ‘Frank Hardley’ another member of the Geraniaceae family of plants can be planted in the sun or partial shade in a moist, fertile well-drained soil. It grows to about 30cm and is evergreen. Remove spent flowers and propagate from cuttings. Pelargonium ‘Frank Headley’ at St Stephens Green in Dublin Ireland Pelargonium ‘Frank Headley’

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Pelargonium hortorum ‘Flower Fairy White Splash’

Pelargonium Hortorum - Flower Fairy White Splash

Pelargonium hortorum ‘Flower Fairy White Splash’ or also called a Geranium is a popular flower both for beds or containers. They are easy to grow and propagate and bring color with a long flowering season. Pelargonium hortorum ‘Flower Fairy White Splash’ is special since it has two-toned flowers, the petals are magenta pink and white. Plant Pelargonium hortorum ‘Flower Fairy White Splash’ in full sun or partial shade in well-drained ...

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Pelargonium hortorum ‘Moonlight Light Salmon’

Pelargonium Hortorum - Moonlight Light Salmon

Pelargonium hortorum ‘Moonlight Light Salmon’ is a member of Geraniaceae and is an early flowering Pelargonium or Geranium which blooms for a long season. It has fragrant dark green foliage and is heat tolerant, deer resistant, and drought tolerant. Pelargonium Hhortorum ‘Moonlight Light Salmon’ grows to about 12″ tall. It works well in containers and bedding. Plant Pelargonium Hhortorum ‘Moonlight Light Salmon’ in well-drained soil. It can be propagated by ...

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