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Heliopsis helianthoides

Heliopsis helianthoides is also known as the Smooth Oxeye, Oxeye Sunflower, Oxeye Daisy, Sunflower Heliopsis, False Sunflower, or Rough Oxeye. It is native to central and eastern North America. Heliopsis helianthoides is not a sunflower. Heliopsis helianthoides is part of the Asteraceae family of plants.

Heliopsis helianthoides
Heliopsis helianthoides

It is a clump-forming, rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial. Heliopsis helianthoides is an easy-to-grow hardy plant. Heliopsis helianthoides grow to 150cm or 5ft tall. It has branching erect stems. Heliopsis helianthoides foliage is lance-shaped and toothed and slightly triangular. The leaves are hairy or rough.

Heliopsis helianthoides flowers are bright yellow with a darker orangish-brown center. It flowers for six to eight weeks from early summer into autumn. Heliopsis helianthoides flowers attract bees, hummingbirds and butterflies and are resistant to deer.

Heliopsis helianthoides
Heliopsis helianthoides

How to grow Heliopsis helianthoides

Heliopsis helianthoides is usually found in prairies or wooded areas. Plant it in moist and fertile soil that is well-drained. Locate it in the sun or light shade as they need at least 4 hours of sun. Heliopsis helianthoides is drought-tolerant, but it still prefers if it is watered regularly especially if there is a long dry period.

Heliopsis helianthoides adapts well to most types of soils. Propagate Heliopsis helianthoides from seed sown in the spring or even autumn. In spring, plant them indoors first, but in autumn you can sow them outside and they will flower next summer. However, seeds planted in spring will flower the following year. You can also propagate from division once every few years.

Deadhead the False Sunflower flowers for a longer flowering season. Heliopsis helianthoides will die back to the ground level each winter and new growth will start in spring providing abundant bright yellow color as well as its lush foliage. You can use Heliopsis helianthoides as a cut flower.

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