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Magnolia ‘Spectrum’

Magnolia ‘Spectrum’ is also known as Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Spectrum‘. It is part of the Magnoliaceae family of plants. It is a medium-sized, deciduous tree. It is a multi-stemmed hybrid.

Étienne Soulange-Bodin (1774-1846), a French botanist, originally cultivated the Magnolia x soulangeana.

Magnolia x soulangeana 'Spectrum'
Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Spectrum’

It has shiny, dark green foliage. They are simple and oval. The flowers grow before the leaves. The flowers are large almost 20cm or 8in wide. They are goblet-shaped and are purplish pink. They are paler inside than outside. The cone-shaped fruit follows the flowers.

How to grow Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Spectrum‘:

Grow Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Spectrum‘ in the sun or partial shade. Plant it in moist and well-drained soil. It thrives in neutral to acid soil. Shelter it from cold winds. Propagate by softwood cuttings or semi-hardwood cuttings. Prune them in the summer. Watch out for scale insects, coral spot, honey fungus, phytophthora root rot.

Magnolia x soulangeana 'Spectrum'
Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Spectrum’ at Kew Gardens, London, UK

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