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Anthemis biebersteiniana

Anthemis biebersteiniana is from the Asteraceae family of plants. It is a herbaceous perennial. They also call it Hardy Marguerite Daisy, Dwarf Silverleaf Marguerite Daisy, Marshall Chamomile, Golden Margeurite, Alpine Chamomile. Other synonyms include Anthemis marschalliana. It is native to Turkey and Caucasus. It is ideal for rock gardens as well as containers.

Anthemis biebersteiniana
Anthemis biebersteiniana

The flowers are daisy-like. They have yellow petals and a yellow center. Anthemis biebersteiniana flowers in the summer. The leaves are greyish-green. They are petiolate and pinnate. The form a rosette. Leaves on the flower stems are alternate. It grows to about 15cm or 6in. Flowers add more height as high as 40cm or 16in.

How to Grow Anthemis biebersteiniana:

Grow Anthemis biebersteiniana in the sun. Plant it in average, well-drained soil. It tolerates dry and sandy soil. It is drought-tolerant. It attracts butterflies, yet it is deer-resistant. Propagate by division in early spring.

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