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Scilla sardensis

Scilla sardensis is from the Asparagaceae family of plants. It is a bulbous perennial native to western Turkey. They also call it the Lesser Glory-of-the-snow. Formerly it belonged to the Chionodoxa genus.

Scilla sardensis
Scilla sardensis at Kew Gardens, London, UK

The flower is similar to Scialla forbesii but with a less distinct white eye. It is a bulbous perennial and each bulb produces two or three narrow, lance-shaped leaves. about 6in or 15cm long.

The flowers grow on a single stem, a raceme of up to 20 flowers. They are violet-blue with a paler center and white stamen bases. Scilla sardensis grows to about 8in or 20cm tall. and spreads under the right conditions. It spreads by seeds or offsets.

Scilla sardensis
Scilla sardensis

How to grow Scilla sardensis:

Grow Scilla sardensis in the sun or light shade. Plant it in moderately fertile, sandy loam, but well-drained soil. It is generally disease-free and pest-free, and it is resistant to deer and rodents. Propagate Scilla sardensis by seed or offsets.

Other synonyms for Scilla sardensis include:

Chionodoxa sardensis
Chionodoxa luciliae

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