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Petunia SuperCal® Premium ‘Caramel Yellow’

Petunia SuperCal® Premium ‘Caramel Yellow‘ is a hybrid perennial Petunia from the Solanaceae family of plants. It is a cross between petunia and calibrachoa. They call it the Petchoa hybrida, Petunia ‘SAKPXC024’, SuperCal® Premium Caramel Yellow Petchoa, or Petunia x Calibrachoa hybrid ‘Caramel Yellow’. This hybrid tolerates heat, cold, and rain.

Petunia SuperCal® Premium 'Caramel Yellow'
Petunia SuperCal® Premium ‘Caramel Yellow’

SuperCal and SuperCal Premium series are of superior quality to other types of petunias. Sakata Seed America, Inc. of California has bred and filed the trademark for Petunia SuperCal® Premium Caramel Yellow, in 2019.

Petunia SuperCal® Premium ‘Caramel Yellow‘ flowers from spring into autumn. The flowers are bright yellow with a copper-colored center. They stay open even after rain. It has a trailing habit, making it ideal for borders and containers. They grow bushy so you don’t need to pinch the tips. The plant is also self-cleaning. It can grow to about 50cm or 20in tall.

How to grow Petunia SuperCal® Premium Caramel Yellow:

Grow Petunia SuperCal® Premium Caramel Yellow in the sun. Plant it in moist, fertile but well-drained soil. This hybrid is mildew-resistant. It has stronger roots which reduce susceptibility to disease, it is also resistive powdery mildew.

Petunia SuperCal® Premium 'Caramel Yellow'
Petunia SuperCal® Premium ‘Caramel Yellow’ in Los Angeles, California

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