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Salvia viridis

Salvia viridis ‘Pink’

Salvia Viridis Pink

Salvia viridis ‘Pink’, also known as Pink Clary is an annual that does not need flowers to bring color to your garden the erect bracts of the plants change the leaf color at the tip to pink. It is grown from seed and it grows in the sun in well-drained soil. It grows to about 45 cm. It prefers good watering rather than moistening lightly. It is part of the ...

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Salvia viridis ‘Marble Arch Blue’

Salvia Viridis - Marble Arch Blue

Salvia viridis ‘Marble Arch Blue’ is an annual belonging to the Lamiaceae family. This plant is also known as Blue-topped Sage, Green-topped Sage, Annual Clary Sage, or Painted Sage. Another synonym for this plant is Salvia horminum ‘Marble Arch Blue’. Salvia viridis ‘Marble Arch Blue’ is annual sage. It grows colorful bluish bracts on top of its stems, in the summer. Salvia viridis ‘Marble Arch Blue’ How to grow Salvia viridis ...

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