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Scabiosa columbaria

Scabiosa columbaria is a herbaceous perennial. They also call it Small Scabious, Lilac-flowered Scabious,  Scabiosa banatica, Pincushion flower, Pigeon Scabious, or Dove Pincushion. Scabiosa columbaria are from the Caprifoliaceae family of plants and are related to the honeysuckle. Scabiosa columbaria are native to South Africa. They are clump-forming.

Scabiosa columbaria flowers are blue-lavender colored. It usually flowers spring to autumn. The flowers attract bees and butterflies. It can grow up to 50cm or 20in tall.

Scabiosa Columbaria
Scabiosa Columbaria

How to grow Scabiosa columbaria:

Grow it in the sun. Plant it in fertile well-drained soil. You can grow it from seeds or propagate from basal cuttings or divisions. It is a low maintenance plant. But if you deadhead the flowers you can prolong the flowering season. Scabiosa columbaria are pest-free and disease-free.

Scabiosa Columbaria
Scabiosa Columbaria at Kew Gardens

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